Fraud and Payments Agent


A new fraud and payment agent position has become available in our company. This role is meant for someone who can support the Fraud Management team in minimising financial losses while maintaining outstanding customer experience. This is a new department so we’re looking for somebody who’s a team player but can work independently at the same time, who likes to get involved and is focused on improving current procedures.

What we do on a daily basis:

  • Resolving email queries from customers in regard to payments, fraud and verification issues,
  • Reviewing and processing withdrawals,
  • Reviewing KYC documents,
  • Handling reports regarding transactional and behavioural activity,
  • Ensure confidentiality of all information collected during investigation,
  • Interact with our providers and customers to validate information,
  • Determine existing fraud trends by analysing accounts and transaction patterns,
  • Identify system improvements to prevent fraudulent activities,
  • Recommend anti-fraud processes for changing transaction patterns and trends,
  • Handling chargebacks, disputes and notification of fraud,

What we would like for you to have:

  • Previous experience in working in Customer Service within the Gambling industry
  • Knowledge about betting on different sports and their rules.
  • Passionate about working with Excel
  • Our next colleague must be a team player, able to work in a challenging and developing environment with the ability to think outside the box when necessary.
  • Able to work flexible hours and during evening shifts, including on weekends and bank holidays.

What we can give you:

  • Flexible environment.
  • The chance to be involved in the development of a new department, contributing to procedures and reports.
  • Fun and young environment.

About kwiff

kwiff is a mobile only company that has redesigned the traditional sports betting experience from scratch in order to offer customers unparalleled usability, in an industry that has been snoozing for a while. We believe in offering a personalised experience so – as kwiff evolves -each customer will find their experience becoming increasingly tailored to their needs. This is really important to us because we believe that the thrill of betting comes from following your hunch and acting on instinct. So every time we improve our app, we’ll always be thinking about how we can make it easier for you to back yourself in the moment.