The only sports betting app where any bet you place could be supercharged. Hard to believe? Too good to be true? No, it’s perfectly simple.

kwiff is the only sports betting app where any bet you place could be supercharged! This is not restricted to particular events,  stake, how you get paid or any other confusing terms or conditions. With kwiff, any time you place a bet on any sport, your odds could be supercharged massively, this goes for any bet any size, single or accumulator. We call this being kwiffed. 

kwiff is a new mobile only app built for the digital age. Our margins are not affected by huge staff, massive office buildings, outdated technology, brick & mortar stores, costly sponsorship deals and manual working processes, etc. That means being a lot more efficient with a lot less costs that in turn create higher margins. This we choose to give back to our customers, through an algorithm that rewards them by supercharging (kwiffing) their bets, giving us a unique advantage towards every other sports betting operator.

You don’t, that’s part of the fun. We offer a truly unique, different and personalised betting experience that you will not find anywhere else. Once you place a bet, just watch the green bar at the bottom of the screen. If you get kwiffed, you will know about it, a graphic will display on your screen telling you exactly how much your odds have been supercharged.

There are no guarantees in this life, and isn’t that what makes it so exciting? Of course it is, that’s why you are on the FAQ page of our website! The kwiff is based on an algorithm which is constantly learning to deliver the best betting experience for you and all of our customers. There are many factors deciding if a bet will get kwiffed but let us put it this way; If you have placed 3 bets with kwiff and you haven’t been supercharged you are probably not that lucky, if you have placed 5 bets with no supercharge you really are rather unlucky, if it’s over 7 bets and still no kwiff, then you might want to check if it is actually our app you are using and not any of our competitors. 

They have no specific size, sometimes the supercharge can be small (1,1 to 1,5 x better), sometimes it can be big (5 to 20 x higher), and sometimes your odds can get supercharged into the stratosphere (we have seen supercharge sizes as big as x 2000)! It is different for every bet, every customer and it depends on a number of factors in the algorithm that is deciding how generous our mainframe is feeling that day!

Any bet which you place with kwiff could be supercharged, this is regardless of the stake which you place.

Well, we hope it feels great. However, that feeling, just like kwiff is unique to each individual. Many customers tell us that the feeling of receiving a supercharge on your bet could be compared to winning a bet before the game has even begun. Or like adding an element of extra luck to your hard earned skills. Our advertising agency tells us that it could be compared to catching a glass before it hits the ground, or to having a man-baby son who turns out to be the most amazing person you could have ever wished for.

One thing we can promise you, it is a feeling that you will experience on no other betting app.

Still got questions? Send it to or contact us via Live Chat in the App.